Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bar Stool Redo

Latest Project....Bar Stool Redo

So I actually forgot to take original photos of these bar stools.  They were originally this really horrible greenish blue (the legs.)   I got them for $5.00 a piece at the Salvation Army so I figured for that price they were easily fixable.  The white vinyl seats were in pretty good shape, all they needed was a quick spray of black spray paint and we were good to go....They have sat like this in our kitchen for over a year.  Then the other day while going through my stash of fabric, I ran into this IKEA pattern that I purchased in like 07' for a different project that never came to fruition.  I was hunting through the house for something to do with it since I didn't have much.  This is the end result....They are a little loud but I figure I will like them for a bit and then Hudson will spill something on them that I can't possible get out and then I'll start all over again....

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