Friday, December 11, 2009

Oven Roasted Carrots

I strongly dislike carrots....except when they come out of a pot roast.  They are wonderfully mushy with the beef stock soaked flavor...*salivating*  Then I met this carrot.  Now, I have tried other carrot recipes.  Some adding white wine, some adding cumin, some adding different herbs.  I had not fallen in love, not even a mediocre like.  Then I met this carrot.  Love is in the air, I tell you!

How can something so simple be so darn good....I have no idea but try it, momma will like it!!

Thymey Oven Roasted Carrots
Recipe, or lack there of, from website but written by pastor Ryan of thisisreverb.

Carrots (I used 4-5 huge carrots cut in quarters)
Bunch of thyme, stems removed

Take the carrots, cut into approx. the same size sticks.  I did not peel the carrots only because I wanted them to have the rustic look of real carrots.  You can do what ever you like at this point.

De-stem and/or chop thyme.

Place on cookie sheet and add a light coating of not follow my pic, I got a carried away with my EVOO.  Add some salt and pepper---CARROTS NEED SALT! Do not skimp! It assists with the sweetness.

Add your chopped Thyme. 

Throw these babies in a 400 degree oven and roast until soft.  I roasted mine with some potatoes as well so they took a lot longer than they normally would (1 hr) I would assume to get the lovely softness with a little bite still in the middle 40-45 minutes would work...Just keep tasting them!! I'm sure you won't have a problem doing that!!!

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